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Morgan Farm
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This barn features a wooden ventilator at the peak of the gable which allowed moist air to vent out the barn during the winter time and hot air to escape during the summer. Maps of the area show that T. Colby may have owned this farm in 1892. The barns sits at the junction of Bow Bog Road and the Old Johnson Road (unmaintained) which once provided a direct route for this part of Bow to the Merrimack River.
NHDHR Inventory #Bow0046

This barn measures approximatly 40'-0" x 100'-0". The main floor has been stripped of walls,pens etc. The structure has been divided into three residential rental units with a portion of the main floor of the barn still being "open" to the structure. Shots for the interior portion of the structure were taken from this central portion of the barn.

Work is being done on the exterior and the rear has been completed. The shot of the "rear" of the structure represents this new work. It is planed to install new vinyl windows and vinyl siding. Some new wood posts have replaced older ones on the lower level and new wood stud framing along the rear and side have been installed between the exterior wood posts. These can be seen in some of the photos.

web design by "Tom Campbell Wilson"
photos taken c. June 2010 by
Eric Anderson: Photographer