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Colby Barn
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The farm at the foot of Logging Hill Road has been owned for many generations by the Colby Family. The farm house on this site is one of the oldest homes in town. The farm once overlooked Bow Mills site and at one time included an apple orchad and Willaby COlby's blacksmith shop. In the late 1950's the construction of Interstare 89 encircled the property and cut off the farm from much of the family's farm land.
NHDHR Inventory #Bow0012

This barn is on its last legs. Entry through the right door is not possible as the loft area has fallen. We gained entry through the left door and were able to shoot from near this door area. The structure is too fragile to enter.

One of the shots is taken of the left rear corner and illustrates that the main beam for the raftes has split. The Owner has attempted to cover the roof with tarps to keep the weather out but the elements have persisted

This Barn is no longer in existance 03.29.2010

web design by "Tom Campbell Wilson"
photos taken c. July 2010 by
Eric Anderson: Photographer