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John C. Davis purchased this land from Benjamin Bailey and Stephen Nichols in 1833. It is not known if this included a homestead. We are sure that John C. Davis built a homestead which includes a barn, as livestock is mentioned in his will. His son, Warren M. Davis b. 1844 was at one time the largest lumber dealer in Bow. He lived on this property and had livestock as evidenced by his death inventory dated September 20, 1933.
Vicki Therrien: Owner

This Barn is a 40' x 60' long Yankee Barn whose frame is configured (3) bays wide and (5) bays long. Much of the frame appears to be original i.e. not recycled from earlier structures, but portions of it, have been substantially repaired over the years in several ways. Its primary agricultural use was for dairy cattle and other livestock. The roof frame is a rafter and purlin arraingement with diagonal bracing and sheathing that runs vertically.
"Owen Associates"

Maps of the area show that Warrem M. Davis owned this Farm in 1892. The lumber industry was a big part of the economy in Bow during most of the 19th century. Davis was the most prominent lumber dealer in Bow around the turn of the century. Owning over a thousand acres in Bow, a total of 50 wood lots, Davis kept Bows saw mills busy. Later residents of this Farm include Albert and Fred Jameson and the Dey Family.
"NHDHR Inventory #Bow0051"

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