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Gray House Barn
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The small farm owned by Lyman Richards, sits just above the old Bow Mill site. Upton's sawmill sat just below the bank of the hill abutting the property. Referred to as the "Gray House." in local records, this farm was once home to Ted Downs, a Bow town employee that worked for both the Highway and Police Department. The barn itself resembles the type of home and connected workshop barn which were common in New England during the late 19th century. This barn could have been used as a carriage house, a shop for home based industry, or even to house a few animals.
NHDHR Inventory Bow0053

Exterior shots were taken in July, 2010. We were not able to get inside at that time. Interior shots were taken later in July of 2022. Owner Frank Lyman had passed away and the property is up for sale.

web design by "Tom Campbell Wilson"
photos taken c. July 2010 and July 2022 by
Eric Anderson: Photographer