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The house and barn ... resemble the type of home and connected workshop barn which were common in New England during the late 19th century. This barn could have been used as a carriage house, a shop for home based industry, or even to house a few animals.
NHDHR Inventory #Bow0036

The barn is balloon framed with a ledger cut into the studs at the "attic" floor level for the floor joist bearing. All framing members are sawn. Attic floor joists are a single member spanning the entire width of the structure with a beam support down the center. The attic shows remnants of heavy frame construction with a beam running the width of the structure which is tied into columns at each end with wooden pegs. This can be seen in the pictures.

The connector between the barn and the house is unheated storage space. Among other uses it has been used for firewood storage. An interior bridge along the front provides access from the barn to the house. Entering the door of the connector from the exterior places one on this bridge. The grade within slopes to the rear and the floor is dirt.

This Barn is no Longer in Existance 03.27.2021

web design by "Tom Campbell Wilson"
photos taken c. October, 2009 by
Eric Anderson: Photographer