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Hil Crest Farm
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Hill Creast Farm was known for many years as the Luther Clough Farm. The Farm was established by James Buswell, Bow resident who settle here in 1767. There were approximatly 7 farming families that made their farms at the top of Whitr Rock Hill in the mid 1700's. Buswell procured a license to sell liquor at his farm in 1792 and may have operated a tavern here. In later years, the Farm came under the ownership of Luther Clough. Records of Luther's farm indicate that he was successful in growng vegitables, including some award winning cabbage and turnips. Maps of Bow show that by 1892, however, Luther Clough's wife owned the Farm.
NHDHR Inventory #Bow0049

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photos taken c. October 2009 by
Eric Anderson: Photographer

photo of cow being kissed submitted by Briana Gulla