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Nichols Barn
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This is an example of a Gable Front Style English Barn. This site was first settled in 1777 by John Nichols. The Lewis Putney Pond behind the Farm was first used by the Nickols Family as a cranberry bog during the colonial days of Bow. Adjacent to the Barn, a mill race runs down the hill from the Lewis Putney Pond to the Putney Meadow Pond.

Seth Ordway established a saw mill across the road from the Barn at the bottom of the hill. The "up and down" saw mill as it became known operated from 1800 to 1938 when it was destroyed by the 1938 hurricane. The type of saw mill was the last of its kind still in operation in New England. The Colby-Nichols saw mill was sold to George Colby in 1863.
NHDHR Inventory #Bow0039

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