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Upton General Store and Barn
Tom Campbell Wilson,

"Thank you for inquiring about the use of the pictures of my barn that Eric Anderson used for the Bow calendar. I would insist that any pictures that were take of the Barn on my property NOT be used by the Bow Haritage Commission or by yourself in the future.

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Ken Blevens"
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The home and connected barn stands on the site of George Elliots store which was destroyed by fire in 1869. George Batchelder built a new store on this site. Mark Upton the, Town Postmaster, owned the building and ran a general store. The store was in operation until 1971 when Harold Wood, who ran it for 17 years felt it's service to the town was no longer needed. Previous operators of the store included Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sargent, Oliver Sherbourne, Roy Mayo, and Bert Russel.

The barn could have been used as a carrage house, a shop for home based industry, or to house a few animals.

NHDHR Inventory #Bow0014

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